John Leben's LebenArt-Urban Punk

John Leben's paintings below are created using a bold and innovative technique. They are original digital images painted with an electronic pen and mouse directly into a Macintosh computer. They are not "computer-generated pictures." The computer had little to do with the realization of these striking images. John simply uses his computer tools like most artists use a paintbrush and a canvas. His paintbrush is an electronic pen. His canvas, a Macintosh computer. John applies each line and each color by hand, stroke by stroke, color by color creating his richly detailed images. When completed, the paintings are printed on acid-free, archival quality watercolor paper with pigment-based inks yielding unique, limited edition prints of a quality and life-expectancy rivaling traditional fine art printing techniques like etchings and lithographs. I invite you to enjoy the wide sampling of John's work.